Study with me – Workshops

Miguel Diniz - Study with me - WorkshopsI develop workshops on a regular basis and accept proposals to organize new workshops. Depending on the subject, class size for a workshop will vary between 3 to 10 students for each session and the workshops normally have a duration ranging from 1 afternoon to 3 days. More extended workshops can be discussed upon request.

Whatever the subject, class size or duration, workshops will tend to be very dynamic, with several practical activities being promoted in sessions and projects or tasks being encouraged between sessions. I love to teach at workshops, and I am always committed to ensure that at the end of each workshop students will have acquired information and skills that will allow them to start practicing or enhance their knowledge of that subject. I believe class environment is of the utmost importance, thus my workshops aim for classes where excellence of work is promoted in a friendly and welcoming environment.

“I take the words of William Arthur Ward as a moto: “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”. Throughout my education I had some of the latter, and I always strive to follow their example in my work as a teacher.”
Miguel Diniz

Below are the general subjects I usually teach at workshops (new subjects can be discussed):

  • Composition – western art concert music
  • Composition – media music
  • Choral Conducting